The Real and Imaginary India

24 October 2019

The harmonious marriage of the Real and the Imaginary country is a crucial element in the endeavor of truly capturing its soul. It is on the battleground of the constant struggle between the Real and the Imaginary that a traveler’s final experience and understanding of a country takes place. The intrepid itinerant does not shy away from this constant struggle.

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Three Soulful Travel Moments (with videos)

1 July 2018

The Wormhole Kwaio tribe, Malaita, Solomon Islands I sit in the simple hut with the parents. Outside, it is pouring rain. Through the hut’s small entrance, which looks like a small window, I see, as if in a mirage from another era, naked children pla …

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Quetzal / Kiwi

15 June 2018

When you travel, you encounter new words that open doors to new worlds. But you also re-examine words you thought you knew, which suddenly acquire completely new meanings. Quetzal, the first of the following two short essays, belongs to the first typ …

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The Unknown Artist / Euphorion

4 May 2018

The Unknown Artist Quito, Ecuador, 2006 I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Visa Department of the Interior Ministry of Ecuador. Facing me on the opposite wall is a photo of a clay pot, decorated with all sorts of ornamental figures. I realize tha …

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My Midnight Adventure in Spicy Ternate

30 November 2017

We manage to hold simultaneously many conflicting ideas by keeping them in separate compartments in our mind. Our mental worlds are not, as many of us like to believe, nicely ordered, self-consistent, clean and settled. But it is not just ideas – beliefs, views, opinions – that we compartmentalize. We also hold contradictory emotions about people or situations. We even have contradictory desires. And of course, as a result of all this, many of our actions are contradictory.

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27 August 2017

Vara Blanca, Costa Rica, 2005  In my country it is called “Thermitron.” Here, they call it “Termo.” It is an electric showerhead that instantly heats running cold water to provide a hot shower in remote places where the installation of elaborate wate …

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Ouaaa …

8 August 2017

West Africa, 2010 In these parts of the world, where “restaurants” are dirty shacks and they serve your food on cracked plates with dusty hands, my emergency food has become my regular one. It is condensed, nutritious, easy to prepare, and of course, …

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The Biggest Attraction of China

6 April 2017

China – 2008 The biggest attraction of China is … me! At least while I’m here and moving around. Wherever I go (outside of the main tourist destinations), I instantly become the center of attention. Being a strange looking long-nosed, huge-eyed, hair …

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28 January 2017

A chicken-bus quartet in 5 movements On board a minibus in Guatemala, from the town of Coban to the village of Uspantan in 2005, I had a wide range of experiences that led to many inspirations. Later I would write a number of essays under the general …

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An Extra-Terrestrial Amidst the Dogon

4 December 2016

As a child of the 1970s, I was fascinated by the nascent exploration of space. I spent a good part of my teenage years in bookshops searching for books that explained the American and Soviet space-programs or had amazing colour photos of the Apollo m …

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Just For Me

17 November 2016

While I was traveling around the world, one of the things that never ceased to amaze me was just how many events seemed to converge at specific times and places so as to uniquely enrich my travel experiences. Sometimes the “coincidences” were so extr …

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2 June 2016

For what the Spirit sees, creates a Truth, and what the soul imagines is made a World – Sri Aurobindo   Cancun, Mexico My itinerary said: “20th of October – Travel to Cancun via Chichen Itza.” Cancun: the latest tourist capital of Mexico. Chiche …

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