Coronavirus III – The Resistance to Change

12 July 2020

The countries that are suffering the most during this pandemic are those that most resisted change. By bringing together Heraclitus, Newton, and … the chess world champion, Magnus Carlsen, this essay explores the multifaceted elements of the power that moves the cosmos – Change.

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When the Digital World Overwhelms the Real

1 September 2019

It is now beyond obvious to me that we have entered the era in which many people truly live in the digital world. Literally. The digital world is the only world they know. And when they go out into the real world, some of them feel the urge to reenact, like in a video game, the very actions they are engaged in while inhabiting this digital world.

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Digital Flooding

30 July 2017

We have ceased to communicate, for we speak in sound bites. We have ceased to be ourselves, for we exist for the others’ gaze. We have ceased to be original for we conform to the multitude’s demands. Yet none is a more serious predicament than that.. …

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But Everybody Does it

8 November 2016

It is supposed to be the phrase that vanquishes all opposition: “But everybody does it!” Or its corollary: “But nobody does it!” Your elaborate argument, your opinion and carefully expressed points, amount to nothing. Whatever you have just said or a …

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The Era of Sound Bites

23 October 2016

We live in the era of sound bites. The overwhelming majority of our communication has been reduced to posts, tweets, text messages, and one-liners. Attention spans have dwindled, and argumentative reasoning has been reduced to “the final statement,” …

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The Others’ Gaze

23 August 2016

The gaze of others defines us. So long as we are alone, we do not possess an outside vision of ourselves to which our acts can be referred; we exist within our inner being, which has no identity and no characteristics. But when others enter the pictu …

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