World Travel and World-Travelers

Last month, I was honored to participate in the annual Airbnb Open festival in Los Angeles. This weekend-long festival was a true celebration of hospitality, openness, and wanderlust. The fascinating program included the announcement of Airbnb’s new and exciting Experiences platform, various talks by executives, artists, and travelers, city tours, parties, concerts, and my favorite, the block party in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, where two streets were closed just for the Airbnb Open!

For this Tuesday Letter, just as the Christmas holiday season is approaching, I thought I should abstain from sending you demanding philosophical essays. Instead, I share the full videos of the two sessions in which I participated: The first is a keynote speech in which I addressed long-term and world-travel, highlighting concepts that are central to my book, Destination Earth (duration: 20 minutes). The speech, which was part of the more general title Expanding Your Mind Through Travel, was delivered in the very big and beautiful Spanish gothic style historical Theatre at the Ace Hotel in downtown LA. The second was a panel discussion with other world-travelers, which I moderated in the historic Palace Theatre. Its title was “Airbnb and the Future of Travel” (50 minutes).


Please sit back, relax and enjoy them. Hope both videos will inspire you to start traveling around the world, especially now that Airbnb has created a whole new world of accommodation options!

I am also pleased to announce that published one of my latest letters, Just For Me. And, just in case you missed my last Tuesday Letter, here it is – check out my dance moves with the children of the Dogon!

Finally, since you are a member of the Restless Tribe, you are likely to agree with me that the best gift for any holiday season is always a book. Well, 2016 is the year my book Destination Earth was published, so maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to gift it to … ALL your friends! 🙂 The book is available on Amazon.

I wish you all Merry Christmas!

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