Philosophy of Life

Big is Beautiful

10 August 2018

There is a recent worldwide bias against Big. Big alienating cities are worse than small beautiful villages.[1] A big fat guy is bad; fashion-model-thin is good. A big meal is bad for your health – “eat light.” Small, boutique hotels – good. Big hote …

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The July Cicada Class

15 July 2018

Aesop gave a bad name to the cicadas. In one of his well-known fables, he talks about a cicada who is lazy all summer, doing nothing but singing under the trees. The cicada urges an ant, who is busy working to store food for the winter, to stop for a …

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18 May 2018

The little faucet-stream of water was running on my shaving brush, while from my bathroom window I could see a menacing thunderstorm approaching. After a few minutes, the sky darkened and it started pouring rain. I stopped shaving for a moment to enj …

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7 April 2018

“There is no linear evolution; there is only circumambulation of the Self.” – Carl Jung Ever since that portentous moment when man first developed self-consciousness, he has been creating models to understand both the world and himself. Whether it be …

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Overlapping Circles

22 March 2018

Each one of us is a circle. In this circle we collect and enclose, as if they were little pebbles, all of our loves, interests, aims, dreams, preoccupations. We are an amalgam of many elements put together as a result of random events, choices, and c …

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Our Two Lives

9 March 2018

All of us live two separate lives. These lives inhabit two different worlds. So, we live simultaneously in two different dimensions! In one life we write, or compose, or think, or create, or solve complicated problems, or philosophize. In the other w …

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Acting and Reacting

9 February 2018

There are two ways of living: by reacting or by acting. Reacting is imitating. Acting is being creative. Reacting is saying “it is in my nature to behave thus.” Acting is saying “I have no fixed nature.” Reacting is succumbing to the biological laws …

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On Jane

25 January 2018

You often hear phrases like “I have found my other half,” “I felt incomplete until I met you,” “I have been fulfilled in love,” and so on. In my case it has been exactly the opposite! Let me explain: All my life I felt “complete,” “sufficient unto my …

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Living Transformer

14 December 2017

You are a living transformer. First – the body. Things go in and come out. Food becomes energy, then excrement. The lungs are pistons. Air comes in, feeds the blood, air goes out. Everything entering your body is transformed by the transformer that y …

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At How Many Points Do You Touch Life?

17 November 2017

The number of points at which you touch Life and the World is the measure of the wealth of your life.  People ask themselves, “Are my days rich? Do I have a rich life?” But what they should actually be asking is, “At how many points do I touch Life?” …

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Stop Repeating and Start Creating!

2 November 2017

The mother of all learning is imitation and repetition. Children learn mostly by first imitating and then repeating the movements, mannerisms, facial expressions, and words of the adults or of the older siblings in their lives. One well-studied pheno …

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People Are Waves

5 October 2017

The people you meet are not really human. They are not even material bodies located in space and time. People are waves. A human being seems to be, most prominently, a physical object, a body with arms and legs, a beating heart and breathing lungs. Y …

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License to Raise and Rule

7 September 2017

To drive a small scooter, one must have a driver’s license. But to raise children or rule a country, one need have nothing! Seen from the vantage point of a future observer living in the twenty-fifth century, our contemporary twenty-first century soc …

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Leaping into the Unknown

16 July 2017

Nothing holds greater power in our life than the Unknown. The Unknown pulls us towards new life experiences, new knowledge, new human relationships – a renewed and revitalized life. The Unknown always calls us, and we can respond either by ignoring o …

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The Rational Foundations of Gratefulness

22 May 2017

“Life is given to us; every moment is given. The only appropriate response therefore is gratefulness.” – Brother David Steindl-Rast, from The Music of Silence “This world appears to us rather as a world of suffering than as a world of the delight of …

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The Restless Tribe

4 May 2017

Enough with the settled life! There is no settled life – do not fool yourselves. Restlessness is the default state of Man. When I was younger, I used to divide people into two categories: the settled and the restless. I put myself in the second categ …

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Connections Are Forever

20 April 2017

Every human connection we make remains with us forever. We cannot annul it. We cannot go back in time and make it vanish. We cannot put it aside, pretend it is not there, or even delete it from our memory. We may attempt to do any of these, but we wi …

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Memento Mori

29 March 2017

The most important thing in life is Death. Yet he seems to come from some other domain, another dimension. He is the strangest visitor in this “world of the living.” Although he seems to be a part of life, his mere appearance extinguishes it. He is b …

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Parallel Universes

10 February 2017

We live in a world of parallel universes. The universes of politics, cooking, fashion, music, parrots! Many years ago, I decided to buy a macaw parrot. A few weeks later, I found myself immersed in the “world of birds.” I began to discover this alrea …

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Infinite Microcosms

13 January 2017

Infinity is almost always associated with vast entities. We think of the universe as being situated in infinite Space; of Time as extending infinitely along a line backward (the past) and forward (the future); we imagine two parallel straight lines m …

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The Little Things

9 September 2016

It is not histories I am writing, but lives; and in the most glorious deeds there is not always an indication of virtue or vice, indeed a small thing like a phrase or a jest often makes a greater revelation of a character than battles where thousands …

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The Conscious Suffering of Development

27 July 2016

When we learn to drive a car, we are anxious, struggle, sometimes even suffer. Most importantly, we are continuously conscious. Learning is a process in and through consciousness. When learning ends, its final reward is unconsciousness: We can drive …

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There Is Nothing To Understand

1 July 2016

We are blinded by “name and form.” We are hooked to our understanding that is limited by our limiting definitions. We are appalled by the brutality, bestiality, inhumanness of humans; say a serial killer, with no ethical constraints whatsoever. “How …

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The Incompleteness of Man

18 May 2016

Look at an animal – a cat, a cockroach, a fish in the ocean. All have everything they need. All are already everything they need to be. Animals are born complete. There is nothing to be added to a fish or a cockroach from the moment it is born until …

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